The new SS400 Six Station Portable olfactometer.

ss400   The company Scentroid offers a six station portable olfactometer SS400. This is a new olfactometer made by Scentroid that to date is offered with a 1-year leasing option up to three years. Annual calibration and maintenance service is included in the lease and after 3 years the olfactometer belongs to the buyer. This lease-to-own option allows to get started with lower financial commitments. This interesting olfactometer was first presented in March in the last WEF Odors and Air Pollutants Conference in Milwaukee.

   The SS400 six station portable olfactometer includes a yearly calibration service for the period of the leasing. Each year, another control pyramid will be provided to the user. The module will come pre-calibrated with new tubing, ultrasonically cleaned and ozone purified valves and dilutors, and tested and re-certified electronics. According to the maker, all firmware and possible hardware upgrades will also be implemented to ensure the latest features are available for all users.

   The SS400 six station portable olfactometer owner keeps the new control pyramid and sends back the old one to the nearest Scentroid service centers. This service will ensure the unit is always performing optimally. This olfactometer is designed for labs that do not run many samples and do not want to be worried about calibrations. As his smaller 1-port brother the scentroid olfactometer RS302, the SS400 is portable and ready to be deployed wherever your pannelists are. 

   The SS400 comes with its own clean air supply module. The 2 HP ultra-quiet air compressor and all its associated intercoolers, filters, and pressure regulator are built into a easy to carry hard watertight and shockproof carrying case for easy transportation.

   More info? check the Scentroid website.


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