NTA9065 drafts   The Dutch standard NTA 9065 on Odour Measurement and Calculation was first published in 2012. Now 8 years later, a revision of this standard is ready for public comments until the 1st of June 2020.  The text provides requirements and instructions for the standard procedure for conducting odour testing in the Netherlands and it has been divided in 2 parts: NTA 9065 Part 1 dealing with planning, execution and reporting of odour investigations and NTA 9065 Part 2 dealing with sampling and analysis.

   The NTA 9065:2012 has had a short life. However, due to new European developments in the field of odour testing, and the reformulation of the requirements with regard to odour sampling and odour analysis for the purpose of accreditation, the Dutch Standardization body decided to start a procedure to revise it. After an intensive work of all committee members, the draft is ready for comments. These are some of the important points in the NTA 9065.

astm e253 19   This ASTM document deals with standard terminology relating to sensory evaluation of materials and products and it is the 33rd revision of the original text published in 2000. This text is developed by the subcommittee: E18.01.

   The proposed revisions of this standard according to the ASTM website deal with new terms and revised terms based on persuasive negatives from previous ballots.




standards sept 2019   This month of September has being quite productive in terms of official standards related to odours published around the world. We would normally go one by one in different articles. Each of these new standards from Germany, Italy and USA, have a long story and development behind, but since we are in a rushing society with no time for reading extensive reports, here is our summary.

   A few standards from UNI (Italy), ASTM (USA), and VDI (Germany) related to odour management, are published or about to be published  and all of this, is happening in the month of September. Isn't' that wonderful? So here we go with this recap on new standards on odours around the world!


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