imagen consorcio WinCE   We are glad to announce that the Bilbao-Bizkaia Water Consortium (Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao-Bizkaia) has decided to contribute in the promotion of this conference with a Sponsorship. They have also been very kind to present a paper and to promote the event with a guided tour through their Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) located in Galindo. Thank you guys!

   The Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao - Bizkaia (in short, Consorcio) is a publicly owned utility company. It was founded in 1967, to guarantee water supplies to the area known as Greater Bilbao. This district was formed by 19 municipalities and was, at that time, undergoing substantial growth.

   The Consorcio has been working hard to abate odours in their WWTP located close to Bilbao. They have a massive array of scrubbers abating 212.000 m3/h of odorous air in the pretreatment building and a three-storey biofilter with inert packaging treating 140.000 m3/h of air from the sludge treatment building. They have also made a bunch of olfactometric studies and have succesfully applied Computational Fluid Dynamics to study the distribution of the foul air around the plant and to confine it inside buildings.

Basque Country imagen3   The Department of Environment & Regional Planning of the Basque Country has decided to contribute with the promotion of this conference by a Main Sponsorship of the Basque Government. It will be the sole main sponsor of the event.

   For this III Conference on Environmental Odour Management we will count on the Basque Government as the Main Sponsor of the III International Conference about Odours in the Environment, which will take place the 23 and 24 November 2015, in Bilbao. They not only contributed economically to this event, but also speaked with the main actors involved in odour management, such as industries, associations and other environmental administrations. That is why among the 156 participants for this event, we have a big core of industry environmental managers.

imagenaclima   We are very happy to announce that the Association of Environmental Industries from the Basque Country an autonomous community of northern Spain, will be an official partner of the conference. After some talks with Kristina Apiñaniz (General Director of ACLIMA) and Mikel Ibarra (Project Manager), we are very happy to share with you that ACLIMA, the Basque Autonomous Community’s Cluster Association of Environmental Industries has signed an agreement to be an industrial partner in the conference. 

   ACLIMA is a cluster of very important industries focused on environment in this very important region of the north of Spain. ACLIMA will be 20 years old in a few days. Congratulations!

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