2017 IV Conference Valladolid, Spain

5may   Due to the demand of some authors for extending the deadline for sending the papers, the organizing committee has decided to postpone the deadline until 5th May, Friday.

We have just received a few tens of papers and we invite you to send yours as soon as possible. Later we will send the papers to the scientific committee, who have the task of reviewing them before May 26th.

Register   We are very happy to share with you that the registration to attend the IV International Conference on Odour and VOCs management in the Environment is just open. This Conference on environmental Odour and VOCs Management will be held during the 20-21 of September 2017 in Valladolid, Spain, and it is organized by Olores.org and the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology of the University of Valladolid.

   This is a great opportunity to meet up with experts, industry and regulators, to discuss about better ways to manage the odours for two days. If you wish to attend this conference we recommend you to register as soon as possible, because we got a very limited number of tickets available. So hurry up and register now!

abstract list    We are very happy to share with you that we just duplicated the number of abstracts received for the next Conference on Odour and VOCs Management that will take place in Valladolid, Spain as compared to the previous one in Bilbao, Spain. Isn't that amazing? Also the quality of the abstracts is again really high. There is a very interesting mix of research paper, case studies and practical applications plus a few fascinating concept papers. The Scientific Committee is now evaluating the quality and the content of the abstracts presented.

   We will probably do parallel sessions as there is literally no time to present these papers in two days, unless we do pechakuchas. We are still open to receive any abstract you may send us, but there are chances that it will probably be a poster, as we are running out of free slots for presentations. As the official language of this conference is Spanish, most of the papers are unfortunately in Spanish. However, some of them are in English.

   The following list shows the submitted abstracts:

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