ALL SOLD OUT. Over 150 inscriptions for this First International Seminar of Odours in the Environment

frontal logo   We have so far 150 inscriptions but we have a queue of a few more. Please note that the limit of the room is 170 people, so we kindly recommend you to register at the conference as soon as possible, in order to attend this event.






   To now more about this event click here.

   At this point you might be thinking about booking your hotel. Check here for more information about this.


   We have prepared a bag with all the information of the event. There you will have information about the Seminar and about our sponsors.

   In addition you will have the opportunity to see what the expositors have to offer. We recommend to take this opportunity to talk with them to see what they have to offer to you and to ask them any question.

  We are sure they will be happy to help you with their expertise.

So far we have the following Booths:

  • The Synergy Group S.A.
  • St Croix Sensory, Inc.
  • Odournet
  • Aqualogy
  • IDES Canada
  • Ecotec
  • San Francis
  • Sin olor


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