IAAO, International Association of Applied Olfactometry

   The International Association of Applied Olfactometry (IAAO) is a proud sponsor of the this Seminar on environmental odour management in Chile. The IAAO aims to promote high quality in olfactometry and odour assessment methods for odours that are relevant to the outdoor and indoor human living environment.

   This international association is looking for enthusiast members to collaborate to the development and expansion of their activities, to this effect, a poster and a cardbox will be set in the seminar, so that those that are interested in this association have the opportunity to sign up there.

   For more information about the activities of this association, please visit the website here: www.olfactometry.org.


  sponsors chile gformato de resumen y de artículo.It is open now the inscription period for abstracts. In the links you see below, you can download the formats for abstract for this Seminar. In addition, here you have the format guidelines for Papers.    

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   Should you have any doubt with any of the specifications detailed in this documents, you may contact us at seminario2014Chile@olores.org.

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sponsors seminario chile  

Put your brand at the heart of the Chile's biggest event of environmental Odour Management.

The Seminar on Environmental Odour Management is Chile's first ever organized at an international level. This 2-days seminar will take place in the beautiful city of Santiago in Chile.

As an independent technical organization, olores.org helps to disseminate the information about odour management in the environment and this time we count on the official support of the Environmental Ministry of Chile and with the help of the Chilean company Ecometrika.

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