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calpuff course in the seminar of is aware of the multiple issues and questions of odour modellers every day. There is a wide-ranging discussion about CALPUFF modelling with special focus on:

  • Complex terrain
  • Coastal regions/ land-water boundaries
  • Overwater transport
  • Inhomogeneous dispersion conditions
  • Stagnation (99% of odor complaints)
  • Flow reversals
  • Recirculation
  • Subhourly data management.
  • Selection of proper averaging times.
  • Peak to mean factors.

odournet b   Odournet joins us as sponsor for this International Seminar on Environmental Odour Management in Chile. Odournet is an international group of odour research & air quality consultants specialised in environmental odour management & sensory evaluation of products & materials, offering EN 13725 olfactometry, GCMS etc.

   We are very happy to share with you that the company odournet has shown their support to our exciting project, and we welcome them as sponsors of the 1st International Seminar on Environmental Odour Management that will take in Santiago, Chile the 4-5 of March 2014.

   Walter Murguia, head of Global Projects & Modelling, commented that "from the earliest days of odour management in The Netherlands, Odournet has been commited and delighted to sponsor key events that share our values and tradition. The First International Seminar of Odours in the Environment in Chile is an exciting opportunity we simply could not miss."

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