Call for Papers: Special Issue on Advancements in Electronic Nose Technology

   Researchers and experts in the field of artificial olfaction are invited to contribute their insights and discoveries to a special issue of Sensors journal focusing on Electronic Nose (eNose) technology. Spearheaded by Prof. Dr. Jesus Lozano, Dr. Antonio Ruiz-Canales, and Dr. Patricia Arroyo, this special issue seeks to explore the latest advancements in Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS) technology and its applications.

The call for papers encompasses various aspects of eNose technology, including:

  1. Sensor Development: Contributions related to the development of gas sensors, novel materials, and integration techniques for eNose systems are encouraged. Researchers are invited to explore improvements in metrological parameters such as limit of detection, linearity of response signal, sensitivity, selectivity, size, and consumption.

  2. Signal Processing Techniques: Manuscripts focusing on signal processing techniques for odor recognition and classification are welcomed. Topics may include machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches in olfactory data analysis, as well as advanced embedded or remote signal and data analysis techniques, including big data and cloud computing.

  3. Applications of eNose: Research papers examining the applications of eNose technology in various fields, such as food quality control, environmental monitoring, healthcare, and beyond, are sought after. Contributions showcasing the effectiveness of eNose devices in real-world scenarios are of particular interest.

  4. Miniaturization and Wearable Devices: Manuscripts addressing the miniaturization of eNose devices and their integration into wearable platforms are encouraged. Researchers are invited to explore the potential of wearable eNose devices for real-time olfactory monitoring in diverse settings.

  5. Challenges and Future Directions: Papers discussing the challenges and future directions in the field of artificial olfaction are welcomed. Authors are encouraged to propose innovative solutions and identify areas for further research and development.

   Submissions should adhere to the guidelines provided by Sensors journal and can be made online through the journal's website. All manuscripts will undergo thorough peer review, and accepted papers will be published continuously in the journal.

   With the deadline for manuscript submissions set for 30 September 2024, researchers are encouraged to contribute their expertise to this special issue, advancing the field of artificial olfaction and paving the way for future innovations in IOMS technology.

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