sesion04 canales02This publication presents a methodological model for odour control solutions and applications for diffuse sources, which impact surrounding communities and thereby generate risks to business operations. The problem is described, and definitions are provided for the points to be considered in the proposal and implementation of solutions that include technologies to enable the effective application of neutralising products. Finally, the results and the actual application of this methodology in an industrial environment at a company in the South of Chile are presented.

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en13725 meeting barcelona 26-27 Jan 2015

 en13725 meeting barcelona 26-27 Jan 2015

    The existing standard EN 13725, first published in 2003, requires revision. The 7th meeting of the group that deals with the revision of the EN 13725 just took place in the very nice city of Barcelona. The document is being written slowly, almost paragraph by paragraph, but very steady and thoroughly. With a frequency of 2-3 meetings per year, I think the document will be ready being optimistic around 2017, but this is a personal statement here.

   Taking into account that the first meeting took place in November 2012, I think that the rhythm is very steady although there are several key issues that are being left to the end due to the lack of information in some cases or in other cases due to a conflict between points of view.

 The initial 267 documents of information has grown to almost a hundred norms, a few hundreds of papers, notes, presentations and communications.However, it seems that it will be necessary to do quite a bit of research during the time-line of development of the Norm.

bags odour degradationDegradation is inherent part of odour sampling and olfactometery analysis. There are many techniques that can be deployed in order to minimize sample degradation, such as nitrogen-based pre-dilution and sealed transportation vessels. Despite the best efforts to keep the volatilization at bay - sample degradation has forced European and American standards to implement a thirty (30) hour expiration on all odour samples. German standard VDI3880, and possible the soon to be revised EN13725 standard, limit sample storage to 6 hours unless it can be shown that the sample degradation is within acceptable limit.

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