St Croix Sensory acquires Pinchin Environmental''s dynamic olfactometry division

  St. Croix Sensory is a well-known family business that operates in the USA and performs sensory testing of product, material and environmental air samples. This company has just agreed with the Canadian organization Pinchin Environmental to acquire all odour-related assets, including an olfactometric lab. The office will be located in the Toronto area, and it will be the first international acquisition from St. Croix Sensory and, thus, their first office outside the USA.

  St. Croix Sensory was founded in 1993 as an independent, third-party odour laboratory providing accurate measurement of odour perception. St. Croix Sensory's influence on the environmental industry grew with the development of the AC'SCENT Laboratory Olfactometer in the 1990s and the Nasal Ranger® Field Olfactometer in the early 2000s, providing key advancements in odour measurement.

  Pinchin Ltd. is one of Canada's most significant environmental, engineering, building science, and health & safety consulting firms. Pinchin employs over 900 staff in 42 offices across the country. The Pinchin odour lab was established in 2000 to meet client needs in environmental odour analysis. Beginning with clients in Southern Ontario, the lab now has a Canadian client base stretching from New Brunswick to British Columbia and clients in the United States and Great Britain.

 St. Croix Sensory has published, "To serve the Canadian market better, St. Croix Sensory opened its first international odour laboratory in Toronto, Canada, in February 2023.

St. Croix Sensory – Canada, is a third-party odour laboratory, dedicated to providing quality odour data and exceptional customer service to our Canadian clients. The laboratory offers a full range of olfactory evaluations, including thresholds, characterization, intensity and persistency values."

  Through this acquisition, St Croix expects to provide a better service in Canada through this new subsidiary.

   Learn more about this new subsidiary here.


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