Silver TSG   This is not the first time that TSG Environmental has sponsored one of our events and this time they do it as a Silver Sponsor of the 9th IWA Odour and VOC/ Air Emissions Conference that will take place on the 25th and 26th in Bilbao. We would like to thank and welcome them to the Conference.

   TSG Environmental is the only Chilean company that integrates vertically in the same company all the services for the odour management: conditions assessment, control and neutralization, R&D laboratory, and monitoring and checking. It has more than 25 years of experience with clients in America and Europe.

refundYour entry into the 9th IWA International Conference on Environmental Odours and VOCs Management is covered by our COVID-Guarantee, giving you peace of mind about entering. What this means is if the event is cancelled due to COVID-19, we will automatically guarantee you a spot in the next edition of this event or the next international event organized by olores.org.

We understand that there can be many reasons why you can no longer take part, which could be outside of your control. Most events do not offer any form of refund in these circumstances and like them we are also unable to offer a refund on all items. However, in fairness to all of our attendees you can choose from one of the following options:


AMIGO   As with the OLORES19 conference held in Chile in 2019, an AMIGO (International Environmental Society of Odour Managers) meeting will be held at the 9th IWA Odour & VOC/Air Emission Conference will take place on the 26th - 27th of October in Bilbao, Spain. This will be an opportunity to catch up on and discuss future plans of the association.

   The AMIGO meeting will be held at the close of Day 1 of the conference in the Euskalduna Conference centre itself, in a designated meeting room. Whether you are a member or not, you are invited to attend the meeting to find out what the association is about and what it does, but registration beforehand is necessary to ensure compliance with the maximum capacity under current COVID-19 guidelines.