schadstoffen_bauproduktenConstruction materials are set to require compliance with legal regulations such as fire protection for certain chemical additives that change their properties. Knowledge of application areas and properties of these substances in both health and environmental assessment is essential. 

In this Conference, you can benefit from the experience of experts from the construction industry, environmental experts and authorities on the technology forum "Harmful Pollutants in Construction Materials" on 21th and 22nd October 2009 in Stuttgart. 

The following subjects will be discussed under the technical direction of Dipl.-Ing. Martin Kettle and Dr. Gerd Zwiener:

  • Importance of flame-retardant agents 
  • Emissions and pollutants in the old and new floor constructions 
  • Evaluation of Real-estate market and meaning of Due Diligence Assessment 
This Conference will be Round up with a forum through practical case studies. You also get the opportunity to discuss with the speakers and to exchange ideas with colleagues. 
Official language of this Conference is German.

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Odour point sourcesOn October 28-30, modelers will head to Raleigh, North Carolina for A&WMA's Conference: Guideline on Air Quality Models: Next Generation of Models.
Guideline on Air Quality Models: Next Generation of Models will provide a technical forum for environmental professionals to discuss proposed revisions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Guideline on Air Quality Models, the guideline that is required for use in the preparation of state implementation plans, federal construction permits, and state permits. Source owners, regulatory agencies, and consultants won't want to miss this international symposium to discuss the technical and regulatory issues associated with theese proposed changes.

EPA has adopted AERMOD and CALPUFF as the refined models for routine modeling applications. The user community is gaining experience with these models and further advances in modeling techniques and meteorological databases should be reported at this conference. In addition, there are advanced models used in international or specialized situations that need to be discussed. When and how can these models be moved into the Guideline?

Presentations will cover a variety of topics including:
3) Regulatory Analysis
4) Meteorological Data Use

5) Model Comparisons

6) Photochemical and CFD Modeling
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On Tuesday 27th of January 2009, the first Conference About Odour Pollution took place in the city of Seville, Spain. This conference was organized by the General Direction for Prevention and Environmental Quality of the Regional Ministry of Andalusia. The 300-seat Hall of the Al-Andalus Hotel was not enough to cover the over 350 invitation forms filled, which gives an idea about the success of this Conference.






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