Odorprep   The Italian Lab Service Analytica srl presents “OdorPrep©” a real-time unattended air sampling and monitoring system. This equipment, activated via SMS, collects air samples at the time of perception of the nuisance odour for standard olfactometric analysis.

   The Italian Lab Service Analytica srl has been awarded funding, of about one million Euro, within the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, to further develop proprietary OdorPrep© technology, a real-time unattended air sampling and monitoring system. Lab Service Analytica srl, has 30 years of experience in “Life Chemistry”, “Separation Sciences” and environmental monitoring.

envirosuite odournet   Odournet is excited with the ASX announcement of the agreement reached with PEL, the makers of EnviroSuite, to act as EnviroSuite agent focussing on Europe, Brazil and India. The understanding will lead to establishing a dedicated sales structure and sales team to serve these markets, and unlock its potential for the advanced EnviroSuite platform for online monitoring data, data repository and curation, localised weather forecasting and online air dispersion modelling. These capabilities can help putting the expertise that Odournet develops for its clients into the hands of those people who make the decisions that can make the difference for environmental impact on the nearby community.

Chaim Kolominskas, a senior executive of the EnviroSuite team who has been instrumental in identifying new customers and sales partners globally, will be a key member of the EnviroSuite Europe team to support Odournet and a European partner network.

proterm Odour management is becoming an increasing issue in Chile. There are already a few Technical norms related with the management of odours. There are also a few olfactometric labs already in this country. Proterm SA is a company located in Concepcion, Chile with over 20 years of experience in environmental monitoring of particles and other gases. From March 2016, this company is offering also services related to odour engineering in the southern and northern zones of Chile.

   Proterm S.A. offers services of sampling according to the Chilean Norm NCh Nº3386:2015, which is an adaptation of the German norm VDI 3880. Also this company offers services of odour measurement using a dynamic olfactometer according to the Chilean Norm NCh Nº 3190:2010.

  In addition, Proterm SA offers services of dispersion modelling according to the Chilean Guideline on Odour Modeling published by the SEA and field inspections according to the German Norm VDI 3940.

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