Kammer 800x518    The company Olfasense has launched a new emission test chamber EK250 that allows characterization of VOCs.

   The quality of indoor air is strongly influenced by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from materials and products used in some industries.

   These materials and products are analysed in emission test chambers to determine VOC emission levels into the air, as described in the ISO 16000-9 standard (”Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing – Emission test chamber method“).

split odournet   The shareholders of OdourNet Holding BV decided to split the company group into two independent entities. The split is the result of irreconcilable differences in the visions of shareholders of the future strategic direction to develop the company.

   The current Odournet GmbH (Germany) and Odournet NL (The Netherlands) form one new company group called Olfasense. All other Odournet companies in UK, France, Spain, India, Mexico and Brazil continue as Odournet Group.

hexa matrix cover3   GravenhorstPlast A/S and Hexa-Cover A/S enters a new strategic cooperation. The collaboration means Hexa-Cover A/S takes over the global sales of the floating elements GravenhorstPlast A/S has been producing for many years, and continuously will produce.

  Hexa-Cover A/S has – with the Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover – achieved a leading global position for modular floating cover solutions (i.e. against odor, evaporation, algal growth, emissions etc.).

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