Standard EN 13725:2022   The moment finally arrived and here you have the new EN 13725:2022 finally published. As many of you know, the European standard was published first in 2003. Four years later in 2007 the doc was revisited, and no changes were made. Another four years later in 2011 the working group (WG) dealing with this standard considered that it was time to review the text profoundly and the 20th of November 2012 the first meeting took place.

   After 17 meetings and 9 years, this European standard is finally published and available for everyone. Most of the work carried out has been targeted to address uncertainty, and concepts like the Secondary Odour Reference Mass (SROM) have been introduced in the new text. But this is not the only change, you probably know that many, many other things have been discussed along the years.

E2892 15   The WK76844 - Standard Test Method for Odor and Flavor Transfer from Materials in Contact with Municipal Drinking Water is a work item revision to existing standard E2892-15 developed by Committee E18.06. This test method describes procedures for measuring odor and flavor properties of new products which may come into direct contact with municipal drinking water.

   This standard was balloted for re-approval in 2020. However, there was no consensus on approving this Standard as it is from its version of 2015, so revisions will be made for a new ballot. This test method provides sample preparation procedures, methods of sensory evaluation, and a process for interpretation of results.

cen website   Last 8th of September took place the 17th meeting of the CEN Technical Committee 264, Working Group 2 that is dealing with the revision of the EN 13725. This meeting took place virtually over the morning of that day. As usual in standardization, many important issues that were left to the end have been addressed. That means that many important decisions have been taken at this stage.

   EN 13725 final draft is ready and there is left just the correction of some formulas in an Annex and some minor text corrections and references. Many important decisions have been taken at the very last moment, as it also happened in the previous meeting.

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