The International Society for olfaction and chemical sensing (ISOCS) have published a plethora of online learning resources. These resources are for all those who want to rush up on already existing knowledge or learn something new, from anywhere!

Silsoe   After the success of their last Odour Study Day, that took place on the 23rd January 2020, held at their odour laboratory at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, UK, Silsoe Odours has announced the next one-day course for the 10th February 2021, but in this ocassion will be held online, due to the COVID pandemic sitation.

   In its fourteenth year, the Silsoe Odours Study Day Course, organized by the Silsoe Odours Ltd, has been developed by leading odour professionals based on their own extensive experience. This course designed for regulators, operators of odorous industries, local authorities, consultants, air quality professionals and abatement equipment suppliers provides clear, up-to-date guidance on the principles, concepts and methods of odour management.

odour b learning master university valparaiso 2020   The Chilean Catholic University of Valparaiso is launching the second undergraduate Degree on Management, Control and Evaluation of atmospheric odour emissions. This was, to our knowledge, the first official Degree given by a University on odour management and it was so successful that the initiative is taken place again this year. The Degree on Odour Management will be given on the modality of blended-learning (b-learning) with both in-person and on-line formal education.

   This Official Degree in Management, Control and Evaluation of Atmospheric Odour emissions, has been designed and developed by the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso (PUCV). The content of this Degree has been configured to prepare the students to learn new abilities, related to different areas of the environmental engineering, so that they can set strategies for a better odour management inside their organizations

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