panelists product time intensity   The Standard Guide for Time-Intensity Evaluation of Sensory Attributes (ASTM E1909) has been reapproved and is now available with the name E1909-13(2017). This standard is developed by the Committee E18.03, who this time decided to leave the text of the document as is.

   The purpose of time-intensity measurements is to establish the pattern of development and decline of a particular sensory characteristic under study. T-I evaluations are applicable when measurements at a single time point (an averaging process) are not sufficient to distinguish products that have very different temporal characteristics.

landfill   The last meeting of the Technical Working Group that discusses the next BREF (Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document ) on Waste Treatment (WT) will take place in the facilities of the IPTS from the 19th to the 23rd of March.

   In the first draft the word "odour" appeared 251 times. This is a measure of the importance of the odour management in this BREF. After a few drafts and plenty of discussion it looks like this very important document will come up with a new text.

petition for an European Odour Legislation   A group of people of the ZUT University in the city of Szczecin in Poland have taken de decision to make aware to the European Parliament about a gap in the environmental legislation related to odour levels in ambient air. This group is calling on the Commission to prepare a draft legislation to regulate the presence of odours in the environment. The members of this group led by Mr Bogdan Ambrożek ask you to back this petition.

 You may be aware that there is no European Environmental Directive about odour levels in ambient air. This is a serious issue that affects not only to the European Citizens who have to deal with odour annoyance in their environment but also to the European Industry actors, who need a clear framework to develop their activities. That is why a  group of academics from a well-known odour laboratory of the Polish city of Szczecin has promoted this petition to the European Parliament and ask anyone interested in signing this petition. The more people that sign this petition, the better chances to start this important discussion in the European Parliament.

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