fmi odour control system market   The company Future Market Insights, is based in Pune, India. This year they have released a report titled ‘Odour Control System Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012 – 2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017 – 2027’. In this report, they have scrutinised the global odour control system market for a ten-year period ending in 2027. The historical analysis from 2012 to 2016 has been compared and contrasted with the assessment period to present a complete picture of the present and future prospects that await key stakeholders in the odour control system market.

   The odour control system market has been studied in in six geographic regions with an equal focus on both emerging and developed economies. Each region has a dedicated section that highlights the drivers, restraints, opportunities, and trends that influence the odour control system market. It is possible to make business decisions with all the data provided in the odour control system market report. Present market size and anticipated future growth of the largest countries in every region is mentioned and is given for the odour control system market in terms of system type, application, and region. An impact analysis of the drivers and restraints along with a market attractiveness index completes this critical section of the odour control system market report.

olfasense workshopThe Olfasense team informs that they are limiting the total number of participants to ensure perfect conditions for in-depth communication.

That means that only 5 seats are remaining to listen to presentations from relevant specialists, and to participate in practical sessions on specific odour measurement techniques in their lab facilities.

envirosuite odotech   La compañía con base australiana Envirosuite tiene el placer de anunciar que ha recibido aviso que su oferta condicional por los activos de la compañía de base canadiense  'Odotech Inc' ha sido aceptada por el banco fideicomisario designado.

   Odotech es una compañía que tradicionalmente se ha especializado en la vigilancia en continuo y gestión de aspectos relacionados con el olor. Odotech tiene una cantidad de clientes  en sectores como la gestión de aguas, minería, agricultura y de fabricación de pulpa de papel, además de en gobiernos locales.  Odotech ofrece soluciones de hardware verticales y de software consistentes en sensores de olor y calidad del aire y una plataforma basada en la nube.

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